gauge really doesn’t matter*

*because we’re still exploring adventures in gauge – part 3: teeny tiny

picture of finished pieces: big, medium & tiny
adventures in gauge: finished pieces (big, medium & tiny) all using 105 sts

On our adventure of looking at extreme differences in gauge, we’re exploring the same stitch pattern (3×2 rib with slipped stitch) on the same number of stitches (105) with the same knitter (me) but changing up the yarn and needles to achieve our goal of different gauge in each finished piece.

If you’d like to play along, here are some notes. Written instructions for the stitch appeared in the first post in this series and the chart appeared in the second post in this series.

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Teeny tiny. Let’s go small: thin yarn, tiny needles, very small gauge: a mystery lace weight yarn from my stash, probably in the 800 yd / 100 g range. Using our 105 sts, this is likely going to be an experiment in the 12-14 stitches per inch (spi) range–maybe a cuff if we’re really looking for some way to wear it.

In our modern times, lace weight is often knit on medium or large needles for an open fabric at medium or large gauge. Let’s go more extreme! I pulled out my 000 steel DPNs for this one (depending on the knitter, US 000-1 (1.5-2.25mm) may work best). To change this pattern up a bit, I added some bling with a beaded cast on: string 42 beads and then [co-3, slide bead, co-2, slide bead] until there are 105 sts, then join to knit in the round and work in pattern for a couple of inches. This piece was finished with a beaded bind off in the same [bo-3, bead, bo-2, bead] pattern as the cast on.

picture of knitting with ruler
tiny: 12 spi

Gauge and size results for tiny:

  • unstretched: 5″ circumference with 84 sts / 4″ (10cm) or about 21 spi but this is definitely because of the stretchy rib pattern — stockinette would probably be about 12-16 spi
  • this piece easily stretched out to 10″ for about 10 spi
  • most likely: the most likely size for this piece will be about 8″, which puts our steady state gauge at about 12 sts / inch.

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