meet chinook…

craving color work

picture of yarn, Black Sheep Creamery chinook
chinook natural white  and hand-dyed

It’s always so much fun when a new yarn comes back from the mill! This is chinook — 100% wool from East Friesian dairy sheep. It’s a 2-ply spun with a little thick-and-thin variation for a wonderful texture in the knitted piece. I’m getting about 6 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch, making a nice sweater-feeling fabric. These are great big skeins–200g–so only a few will be needed for a sweater or wrap.

The natural yarn is a gorgeous creamy white color, but of course I couldn’t resist dropping a couple of skeins into the dye pot…this yarn is giving me all kinds of ideas about knitting in color. Once the yarn is dry, I can do some color work swatches!

chinook will be available for purchase soon — check the events page for upcoming trunk shows.

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