adventures in fiber prep – fermented suint: part 2 – (almost) ready for fleece

picture of rainwater colllected for fermenting the fleece
collected rainwater

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous (I’m not complaining!) but this means that only about half a bucket of rainwater has been collected. This should mean that we wait another couple of weeks to collect more rainwater, but allow me to be impatient…I decided to use a smaller fleece and get started.

picture of fleece in the bucket of rain water
I selected a nice Black Sheep Creamery East Friesian fleece from my stash (the fleece stash also contains some targhee, texel, jacob, border leicester, and gotland–all from Oregon farms–that are possibly up next).
This particular fleece is well-skirted and not too dirty, about medium suint and lanolin (typical of East Friesian). It has lovely crimp. There is a handful set aside for before-and-after comparison as well as some traditional washing vs. fermented suint cleaning comparison later. I forgot to weigh the fleece, but it is probably about 4 pounds.
After skimming out some of the local flora (thankfully no fauna), the fleece is submerged. It fits nicely in the bucket and is absorbing water quickly.  I may have been a bit impatient with the water level, but I’ll put out some pails to collect more rainwater in case the water level falls too low.  For now, it’s time to wait and let this fleece start to ferment.


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